Kevin Braheny – Galaxies (Original Soundtrack Music)

Kevin Braheny - Galaxies (Original Soundtrack Music)

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Kevin Braheny – Galaxies (Original Soundtrack Music)
CD/MC, Hearts of Space, 1988

Kevin Braheny composed this soundtrack for the Hansen Planetarium-show.

“Galaxies” offers some great floating space music which a lot of fans of the genre will like. For the music Kevin applied his self-built Serge Modular synthesizer together with the EWI (Electronic Woodwind Instrument).

The latter would show up quite regularly on his later albums, which in a way became an (to me at least) annoying trademark of his music.
Next to soft swirling sound washes, the music also runs into some orchestral passages with expanding textures scattered all over this nice space cruise.

The only really disappointing thing on the album is the freaky sax which shows up in the closing track “Down to Earth”, as it ruins the previous created cosmic atmospheres.

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