Kevin Braheny – Lullaby for the Hearts of Space

Kevin Braheny - Lullaby for the Hearts of Space

Release data:

Kevin Braheny – Lullaby for the Hearts of Space
MC/CD, Hearts of Space/Valley Entertainment, 1980/1991

For the first time ever on cd, “Lullaby for the Hearts of Space” is commercially available for the first time since its cassette-release on the same label in 1991.

The album’s title music, a 35-minute improvisation performed and recorded live for the legendary “Music From The Hearts of Space” radio program, is an example of what can be done “live” on radio with a large Serge synthesizer with no keyboard. For the occasion, Mr. Braheny actually patched it up in about 30 minutes and then played the title piece.

The other piece, the 33-minute “After I Said Goodnight”, was played live during one of Emilie Conrad’s classes (Emilie was choreographer and founder of Continuum Movement, classes for innovative movement). Kevin remembers being ill that evening and Michael Stearns (who Kevin knew from Emilie’s movement classes) couldn’t fill in for him so he got there early and created all those crickets and jungle sounds, assembled a tape loop of his voice, some small bells, etc. When it came time to play, Braheny had a high fever and the soprano sax solo in the middle of the piece expresses that. Though as soon as he finished playing that solo his fever broke which ushered him to start making the lush synthetic pads softer and cooler.

All together, the overall character and feel of both extended pieces on this classic album is nocturnal, dreamful, languid, timeless, harmonious and profoundly meditative in nature.

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