Kevin Braheny – The Way Home

Kevin Braheny - The Way Home


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Kevin Braheny – The Way Home
CD, Hearts of Space Records, 1978/1984

“The Way Home” was one of the first releases on the Hearts of Space records. The first draft of this classic space album (originally called “Perelandra”, as it was named after the C.S. Lewis science fiction novel of the same name) was recorded in early 1978. It was Stephen Hill of the Hearts Of Space radio program who convinced Kevin Braheny to the release the music, as he received so much demand for it.

For the recording, Kevin composed a second piece of music (the 25-minute “The Way Home”) to complement the first piece on which he used the prototype of the EWI (Electronic Woodwind Instrument) designed by his friend Nyle Steiner he was finishing around that time. In addition, he had access to the Fairlight CMI, which was a brand new computer music instrument at that time.

With this high-tech piece of gear, Kevin recorded both the opening and the ending (the breathy, airy vocal sounds) to “The Way Home”. The latter became the opening track on “Perelandra” (a three-part composition for synthesizers and choral voices) as it was a stronger opening piece and just seemed to fit better there. In addition, the graphics for “Perelandra” had already been set in motion, so this remained the album title. When the album was released on cd in 1987, the title was changed to “The Way Home.”

To me, the carefully refined ambient space music on the release feels like a huge, living breathing space. The outcome evokes a sense of awe and peacefulness as the lush, symphonic tapestries and angelic choir pads smoothly move forward, accompanied by the airy, melodic and ethereal soundings of Braheny’s woodwind instrument.

Until today, “The Way Home” remains a landmark recording of emotional, spiritual and serene music balancing on the edge of New Age and cosmic music.

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