Kevin Braheny & Tim Clark – The Spell

Kevin Braheny & Tim Clark - The Spell

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Kevin Braheny & Tim Clark – The Spell
CD, Hearts of Space Records, 1996

“The Spell” is the second and last album by Kevin Braheny (Fortune) and Tim Clark, containing so-called imaginative and magic-coined instrumental music. The downside here though is a cheesy, strong new-age side to the 51-minute recording, which also features Kevin’s EWI Woodwind prominently on quite some tracks. The use of the latter is ok, but after a while it started to annoy me despite the instrument’s multi-octave possibilities (making it sound like a flute, violin, Theremin or anything in between).

What remains is chill-out, easy-going mood music, which fortunately comes up with some flair of tension and darker spheres on “Time in The Mirror”, “Palace of Dreams” and the title piece. Overlooking the outcome, the intended magic spell sounds a bit too smooth and soft to my ears.

Although “The Spell” didn’t grab me that much, others who are into lighter spheres still might find some more of their liking here.

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