Kevin Kendle – Lagoon of Eternity (Deep Skies 2)

Kevin Kendle - Lagoon of Eternity (Deep Skies 2)

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Kevin Kendle – Lagoon of Eternity (Deep Skies 2)
CD, Eventide Music, 2004

This is the second cd from Kevin’s Deep Skies series, on which he attempts to create unique sound landscapes that reflect this feeling of swirling movement.

As on the first album, some glissando guitar is once again used, but this time it’s not overdone.
The music is presented here in tracks which are a bit longer and is highly atmospheric, lasting for almost 70 minutes, drawing the listener’s into a dreamy, accessible and enjoyable cosmic environments.

P.s. It’s recommended listening to it with headphones as it reveals some great spatial dimensions in perfectly produced music (as was the first cd in this series).
Nicely done Kevin!


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