Kevin Kendle – Light from Andromeda (Deep Skies 4)

Kevin Kendle - Light from Andromeda (Deep Skies 4)

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Kevin Kendle – Light from Andromeda (Deep Skies 4)
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Eventide Music, 2012

Still hugely inspired by the mysteries and spectacular of deep space, UK-artist Kevin Kendle brings his listeners “Light from Andromeda”, his fourth installment in the Deep Skies concept-series.

Inspired by the awe-inspiring Andromeda Galaxy, Mr Kendle focusses on a melodic-oriented, lighter and accessible kind of cosmic music, nicely accompanied by smooth glissando guitar and assorted guitar treatments. The continuous 60-minute aural and highly atmospheric journey is one of comfort, drift and relaxation, touching the heavens and vast galaxies in its ethereal, gently spiralling form.

From time to time, Kevin’s spacious movements are spiced by bubbling EMS Synthi effects and sequencer patterns. At other sections, warm atmospheres and harmonic textures take the place of melody, making things smooth down easily.

Despite a few minor flaws and crackles in the sound production, I’m sure fans of space music will cherish “Light from Andromeda”. Headphones recommended.


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