Kevin Kendle – Light from Orion (Deep Skies 1)

Kevin Kendle - Light from Orion (Deep Skies 1)

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Kevin Kendle – Light from Orion (Deep Skies 1)
CD, Eventide Music, 2003

In the days of the former Dutch Em-fanzine KLEM I reviewed a couple of cds by this UK-based musician, who’s music was often categorized as New Age. ”

Light of Orion” is the first in the Deep Skies Series, focussing on space music. Next to Kendle’s electronic instrumentation, the music also features some glissando guitar.

While listening to this album, it’s quite obvious Kevin heads for a lighter approach to space music, so don’t expect extended deep cosmic lingerings like Jonn Serrie, Telomere and alike.
The ten tracks on the album are nicely merged together, forming 61 minutes of overtly harmonic and melodic music.

Opener “Horsehead Nebula” is sounding great, and that applies to several other tracks, but personally the sound of the glissando guitar -although rather nice and smooth- sounds a bit overdone and doesn’t fit that well in this type of music.

“Bellantrix” is the only track that hails back to Kendle’s former New Age style. Nevertheless, the biggest part of the excellent produced album is nicely done.
So space fans will want to check this one out for sure.


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