Kevin Kendle – Light of the Pleiades (Deep Skies 3)

Kevin Kendle - Light of the Pleiades (Deep Skies 3)

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Kevin Kendle – Light of the Pleiades (Deep Skies 3)
CD, Eventide Music, 2008

“Light of the Pleiades” is the third instalment in Kevin’s Deep Skies series, on which he attempts to capture the vast spaces, nebulae and shimmering stars from the cosmos into sound, and where the atmospheres and sonic textures take the place of melody to some degree.
Once again, Kevin’s sweeping, gently pulsating electronic music is accompanied by Brian Abbott’s glissando and e-guitar.

A few parts of the music are sequenced; the e-guitar shows up only occasionally, playing the biggest role in the 13-minute piece “Astrope”.

The seven tracks on the overall quiet album are all atmospheric and of a soothing nature, as the warm analogue textures of Moog, ARP and occasional heavenly choirs take off for a gentle space cruise.

The pronounced, melodic closing track “Celaeno” is a different story though, being far more up-tempo, symphonic and new age sounding compared to the previous tracks, and therefore out of place here.

All in all, these 62 minutes of cosmic inspired, mostly drifting music is a pleasure to listen to.


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