Kinesis – Beyond the Galaxy

Kinesis - Beyond the Galaxy

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Kinesis – Beyond the Galaxy
CD, Morningstar/Geomagnetic Records, 2010

Kinesis is a Psy-Trance project by Salvador, aka Dj Salva, an artist of Spanish origin who initiated the project in 2005.

“Beyond the Galaxy” is his second release, and the outcome is a well-produced and overall steamy dance excursion. What we got here is a powerful 74-minute instrumental ride through the galaxy which features great tandems of catchy bass lines and up-tempo rhythms.
These are nicely paired with attractive melodic chords and a wide range of in-your-face fx’s. Things here shift in higher gear in just the blink of an eye.
The top-notch mastering is the icing on the cake on this cd.

Fans who love Armin van Buuren or Tiesto should make sure to check out the hypnotic, psychedelic impact of “Beyond the Galaxy” with its distinct highly uplifting flavours.
I have no doubt this mesmerizing and highly energetic cd will make a smash hit on the dance floor.



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