Klangwelt – The Age of Numbers

Klangwelt - The Age of Numbers


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Klangwelt – The Age of Numbers
CD, Spheric Music, 2003

This is the long-awaited, great looking second cd of Gerald Arend aka Klangwelt. For those who enjoyed his former cd, well prepare yourselves for a treat.

Ingenious, catchy compositions, warms sounds and nice up-tempo sequencers and rhythms, it is all here and in balance.
Gerald certainly knows how to gradually build a piece of music, like “Enigma”, but he can also easily switch over to more sequencer-based stuff like “Self Similar”, another outstanding track.

This album keeps sounding crisp and inviting throughout all of its 70 minutes, not to mention the excellent 24-bit mastering and overall soundquality.
A highly recommended cd!

Website: www.klangwelt.info


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