Klaus Schulze & Günter Schickert – The Schulze-Schickert Session

Klaus Schulze & Günter Schickert - The Schulze-Schickert Session

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Klaus Schulze & Günter Schickert – The Schulze-Schickert Session
LP/CD, Mirumir Music Publishing, 2013

Despite the fact the music on this album is definitely classic electronic music in classic Schulze-tradition, I shelved it for quite a while after I bought it shortly after it was released. I gave it quite some spins with intervals inbetween to make up my mind about it as I wasn’t neither impressed nor moved by what I heard.

You hear all kind of rough elements and sketches (with an echo of “Timewind” in their) that would find their way in a far more harmonic and structured form on “Moondawn”. This previously unreleased outcome, recorded during a private session in September 1976 in Klaus’s living room, features improvised vintage Schulze sequencing and synth work as most of us know from the ’76 album, but paired with Mr Schickert’s vibrant guitar performed on a 12-string “Framus” with metal strings. Their actually are lots of flaws and drop-outs in the 45-minute improv that spoil quite some of the listening enjoyment, although things improve quite a bit on the last 10 -15 minutes, where Mr Schickert also adds some tasty, wordless vocals.

The two bonus pieces (only featured on the standard cd-case edition and limited edition digipack cd version) turn out better, despite their thin, jangling sound: moody, darker-shaded drone-ambientscapes with a clear Schulze trademark make up “Spirits of the Dead”, whilst the interesting minimalist approach of both musicians on “Happy Country Life” turns out to be a tasty, almost seamless chemistry of subtle synths and smooth echoing guitar licks.

In my opinion, “The Schulze-Schickert Session” is an archival release for completists, despite some nice passages occasionally.

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