Klaus Schulze – Kontinuum

Klaus Schulze - Kontinuum

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Klaus Schulze – Kontinuum
CD, SPV/Synthetic Symphony, 2007

I wasn’t that impressed by the music on his former album “Moonlake”, although I liked the first few minutes of the opening track very much. Well, the first track of “Kontinuum” made my smile stay on my face all the way through, as “Sequencer” (from 70 to 07) sets out with a beautiful, intimate sounding Crystal Lake-like sequence, which slowly starts building in repetitive form backed by nice, slightly melodic touches and textures. Yes, Klaus taps magic from the vintage-source I’ve missed so long, briefly revisiting the music he made on “Heart”. This nicely lingering music breaths emotion and beauty again lasting 25 minutes, revealing a great sense of melancholy from the old days. Personally I think this one track is worth buying the whole album! Without interruption we enter “Euro Caravan”, clocking at over 19 minutes. It starts as a textural piece in which quite soon some processed vocals pop-up on the background, but as they keep lingering on minute after minute they also appear to make no sense at all. Around 8:40 a spatial-like sequence comes in, shortly followed by light drums and a second, more poignant high-tech sequence and additional rhythm. This track also shows a repetitive, but still hold-back form of music which ain’t bad at all (although I would have preferred those pointless vocal-parts were left out). “Thor” (Thunder) (31:42) is the closing track, opening with soundscapes followed by some processed slices of vocal pads and some (Minimoog?) playing. At 7:40 some sequences and light rhythm as heard on the former track start as the track is slowly taking on a bigger form bit by bit. Yes, these are very pleasant realms!

I don’t yet dare say Klaus is completely “back” as he has made too many “mistakes” before this cd, but if he continues this way I’m sure only few will complain.
Well done Klaus!

Website: http://www.klaus-schulze.com

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