Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard – Farscape

Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard - Farscape


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Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard – Farscape
CD, Synthetic Symphony/SPV, 2008

“Farscape” is a double cd containing the track “Liquid Coincidence”, which comes in seven different “Parts”, all ranging between 13 and 32 minutes.

From the start, it becomes clear this for sure is a passionate, and at times even breathtaking album: it blends Schulze’s warm, flowing soundscapes, rhythms and well-paced sequencing with the fantastic, vibrating and very expressive voice of Australian singer Lisa Gerrard, known from the duo Dead Can Dance, but also the soundtracks for the movies “Whale Rider” and “Gladiator”.

Lisa has an unbelievable vocal range, which gently swirls and percolates in mysterious ways, slowing down to meandering proportions before swelling up in pure majesty and beauty.
Especially “Part 3”, which ends the first disc, is a very strong, captivating effort.

At first, the second disc seems to take on a slightly more adventurous approach.
The 18-minute “Part 4” starts out with rather uneasy sounding orchestral hints, the overall sonic architecture sounding slightly experimental. But later on, things are smoothened as nicely layered, warm textures and rhythm fade in.
Again, the impressive, graceful and sometimes even mourning voice of Lisa adds a lot of emotion to the holdback sequencing and the tapestry of synths pads on this and the next parts.

“Part 6” is the highlight on the second disc, a perfect match of soft twinkling sequencing, soundscapes and Gerrard’s cascading, deeply moving vocals, although the more up-tempo “Part 7” is also a great, well rendered piece.

All in all, the carefully moulded, improvised emotional outcome on “Farscape” is impressive.
Highly recommended!

P.S. The official release dates on the cd list July 4th for Germany and July 7th for the EU.

Website: www.spv.de

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