Kloob & Onasander – Goês

Kloob & Onasander – Goês

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Kloob & Onasander – Goês

CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Winter-Light, 2023

Ritualist dark ambient at full scale makes up Kloob & Onasander’s “Goês”, which rounds out the duos’ witchcraft trilogy. This last chapter focusses on funeral laments and chthonic sorcery and lasts nearly 60 minutes. It’s another haunting and immersive sonic experience loaded with drone tapestries traveling slowly but surely through imminent shadows and thick, foreboding atmospheres.

This time though, at first listen the outcome sounded rather uniform to my ears, but this changed for the better when I increased the volume and gave it a deeper listen with headphones after an interlude of a few days.

Website: winter-light.nl

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