Kloob & Onasander – Mundus Patet

Kloob & Onasander - Mundus Patet

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Kloob & Onasander – Mundus Patet
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Winter-Light, 2020

Fall and winter make most appropriate seasons for deeper listening and travels into dark ambient spaces. Specialized in this EM-genre, Dutch Winter-Light-label brings us “Mundus Patet” (the world is open) named after an esoteric, dark rite exercised by the ancient Romans where the boundaries between the world of the living and the netherworld are permeable during three festive days of the dead.

Spanish composer Daniel Ferreira (aka Kloob) and Italian sound sculptor Maurizio Landini (aka Onasander) used it for their collaborative project that sees the duo ascend profoundly into dense, mystic realms with vast, massive and full-blown dronescapes. The menacing as well as occasional (slight) industrial elements surface imminently on the six haunting, cinematic atmospheres that morph and evolve while a trail of unease is manifest constantly.

Although I won’t deny the outcome is heavy-weight, the recording’s compelling intrinsic vibe makes it worth experiencing the gothic journey from start till (the feel of release at) the end. Just ride on the waves into the unknown. Headphone-listening is recommended to get the most out of it.


Website: www.winter-light.nl

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