Kloob – Parallel States

Kloob - Parallel States  


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Kloob – Parallel States
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Winter-Light, 2021

Shorter, colder, and darker days are upon us once again, a proper period to enjoy some dark ambient. Kloob’s “Parallel States” is a haunting, gloomy drift into deeper lands expanding on themes and ambient-drone landscapes explored in previous releases. As such it makes another fine candidate for attentive headphone (and deeper) listening. Some passages on the 58-minute minimal, electronic-acoustic recording almost resemble ghostly apparitions while unraveling slowly before the mind’s eye while others densely layered textures spread an uncanny, otherworldly sonic perfume infused with elements both surreal and metaphysical. And yet there is so much space found beyond and in between the chapters that seem to serve as ancient (ritualistic?) ceremonies from forgotten worlds. Rest me to say aficionados of profound atmospheric dronescapes should turn their ears toward this one.

Website: winter-light.bandcamp.com

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