Kloob – Remarkable Events

Kloob - Remarkable Events

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Kloob – Remarkable Events
CD, Winter-Light, 2018

The origin of “Remarkable Events” happened in April 2016 as Barcelona-based synthesist Daniel Ferreira, aka Kloob, planned to assemble a mix of tracks in the same vein as featured on “Solid Foundations”. This time though he wanted things traveling deeper and sounding more intimate while taking full advantage from the ins and outs of some new acquired studio gear.

A trip to India helped shape the music even further as the composer was fortunate to translate and implement his experiences of the country’s landscapes, people, exotic locations, ancient customs, the smell of spices, Hinduism as well as assorted field recordings made during the journey into sound. Composing, molding, revising and fine-tuning the music though took until April-May 2017.

The 70-minute result, mastered expertly by Max Corbacho, offers a rich, multi-layered and expansive sounding kaleidoscope of in-depth soundscapes besides a few sequenced sections travelling through space, time as well as enigmatic realities beyond. Moreover, the music’s smooth pulsating energy, hidden dynamic, ethnic spherics along its hallucinogenic, highly imaginative character draws the listener inward and keeps your attention from start to finish. For me, “Exuberante” and “Zoroastrian Tower of Silence” form highlights of this captivating, rich sounding ambient journey.

All in all, this ambient journey through worlds beyond is most satisfying and well accomplished.

Website: kloob.bandcamp.com

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