Kloob – Solid Foundations

Kloob - Solid Foundations

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Kloob – Solid Foundations
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Relaxed Machinery, 2016

Making ambient soundscape music is one thing, but giving it captivating impact and emotional depth is another matter. Kloob, an ambient project founded in 2010 by Spanish composer Daniel Ferreira, is prove things can work out nicely and satisfying when the right ingredients amalgamate and are layered properly while an experienced mastering engineer (Max Corbacho in this case) is involved.

“Solid Foundations”, inspired by the composer’s interest on metaphysics, attraction, emotions management, extraterrestrial life, astral projection and personal development, has turned out a deep listening experience where various moods, atmospheres and mind sets are addressed that stay accessible all the way through.

A gentle sparkle, soft glow, effective sequence or spiraling effect though is what makes Kloob’s spacious ambient land- and farscapes resonate rather differently from the many releases I’m familiar with in the genre. I recommend cherishing the 74-minute outcome with headphones to immerse in Kloob’s aural world effectively and to full satisfaction.
Highlights: “Mystical Intuition”, “Sedante”, the more energetic-sequenced, Roach-affiliated “Inevitable” and the smooth, gentle yearning airwaves making up “Skywatcher”.

Website: kloob.bandcamp.com

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