Kloob – Unpredictable Signs

Kloob - Unpredictable Signs

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Kloob – Unpredictable Signs
CD, Winter-Light, 2019

“Unpredictable Signs” is Kloob’s second album on Winter-Light and again an extensive journey into mesmerizing yet deep soundworlds and beyond.

Compared to predecessor “Remarkable Events”, this sonic venture is characterized by more subtle, minimal evolving sets of meandering ambient textures, treated voice-pads and drone sculptures where darkness is imminent.  Here strings of tension and mystery lurk around the corner or morph gently underneath, occasionally also floating into ethereal spheres (“Unique Sights”, “Vulnerabilty Source”).

In addition there’s a tactile and organic aspect along a slice of cinematic-industrial (“Ancient Resonances”, “Full Immersion”) swirling smoothly between the dark but also very cool sounding ambient leaves. I even perceived a beautiful sense of mourning in the final track “Endless Motion”. All add extra depth and dimension to the 64-minute, well produced and mastered “Unpredictable Signs” as it dwells (and dissolves eventually) into the infinite. It makes another nice one for all who appreciate deeper ambient listening.

Website: kloob.bandcamp.com

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