Kraftwerk – The Man Machine

Kraftwerk - The Man Machine


Release data:

Kraftwerk – The Man Machine
CD, EMI, 1978

“The Man Machine” was released in May 1978 and is still regarded as one of the best recordings of Kraftwerk. The cover features the four musicians in red outfit looking East, which implies they see themselves as music-workers inspired by the Stalin-regime.

Already known in those days for their static live-performance, “The Man Machine” emphasises the robotic aspect in their music. The six tracks all breath discipline, its melodies sound utmost simple as the electronic drums stay repetitive all the way through.

Ralf Hutter once said in an interview in 1981 that the album brought “man and machine together in a friendly partnership of musical creation”. The musical outcome is straightforward mechanical, minimal and rather cold music, but always with a human sense glowing inside of it.

“The Man Machine” contains the classic electronic love-song “The Model/Das Model”. Four years after the initial album-release it became a huge hit in 1982, reaching no. 1 in the British Charts.
We also find the Fritz Lang-inspired “Metropolis” and the hypnotizing “Neon Lights”.

All in all, this album would be of everlasting influence on New Wave acts like Gary Newman, New Order, John Foxx and alike.



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