Kristoffer Oustad – Filth Haven

Kristoffer Oustad - Filth Haven

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Kristoffer Oustad – Filth Haven
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Malignant Records, 2015

Haunting, dark, machine-like and slightly doomsday ambient dronescapes are what the listener is receiving on the rather analogue sounding “Filth Haven” by Norwegian composer Kristoffer Oustad.

The first half (the first three pieces to be more accurate) of the 49-minute outcome are a spiralling procession of grimy and scary-ish textures. The air shift to a lush and open aural canvas on the pleasant 9-minute “Row me Over”, establishing a haunting, gloomy, hypnotizing effect while the evocative sound design stays intense. Foreboding, harsher, abstract sound experiments though follow on “Liquidator”, leading the way to even more macabre and disturbing-induced spheres on the last two pieces, the closing piece even incorporating a nod of industrial blast.

Although “Filth Haven” doesn’t sound as dirty and horrendous as the title may suggest, the album is no fun ride but a ticket into a disturbing, nightmarish-flavored world where escape seems pointless.



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