Krusseldorf – Fractal World

Krusseldorf - Fractal World

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Krusseldorf – Fractal World
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2014

If you like to try something out of the ordinary within the ambient genre, try digging the profound and overtly peculiar psychedelic ambient musings making up the fourth album by Krusseldorf, aka Stockholm-based producer/composer Simon Health. Although Mr Heath has made music under various alias and project names, I only knew him from his experimental/dark ambient project Atrium Carceri.

“Fractal World” presents twelve melodic, dreamy, chill-out and psybient sound paintings featuring distinct retro-keyboard sounds. Moreover, the unhurried outcome blends ethereal sound design with hypnotizing nether worlds and lots of glitchy effects. Just listen to the emotive “Ceremony or Broken Robots” (where one hears electronic futurism in retrospect) or the introspective mood and feel in “Midnight Glitching” and the final track “Shutdown”.

The sense of bliss embedded within the abstract, ethereal and slightly dubby music makes “Fractal World” special, comforting and even quite magical at times.



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