Kubusschnitt – Entropy’s Evolution

Kubusschnitt - Entropy's Evolution


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Kubusschnitt – Entropy’s Evolution
CD, Private Release, 2010

After a long hiatus of about eight years or so, Ruud Heij and Tom Coppens have decided to revive the Kubusschnitt-project oncemore.
For “Entropy’s Evolution” they invited synthesist Gert Emmens and guitarist Jan Dieterich to join them on the fourth musical journey.

There always has been an inventive, progressive and lively touch to the music of Kubussschnitt, and the fine crafted vintage music on this album is no exception. The four lenghty pieces on the factory-pressed cd offer fine portions of captivating sequencers patterns, solo leads and many warm synth pads, all spiced with tasty up-tempo rhythms and occasionally some powerful e-guitar.

These progressive Berliner School flavoured sessions seem both structured and improvised to my ears, while various profound traces of Gert Emmens trilogy “The Nearest Far Away Place” are quite clear as well. A special note to the great and poignant synth solos complimenting the compositions on “Entropy’s Evolution”.

Nice going guys & thanks for keeping the flame burning!



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