Kurtz Mindfields – Flying from Berlin to Paris

Kurtz Mindfields - Flying from Berlin to Paris  


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Kurtz Mindfields  – Flying from Berlin to Paris
LP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, FeverDog Music, 2022

The EM community was offered another view and approach to classic Berlin School-style electronics since Frenchman Jean-Luc Briançon started releasing his music as Kurtz Mindfields. He proved to be a most skilled synthesist who also connected as well as collaborated with a lot of kindred spirits within or outside the French EM scene. Those involved this time around are Stephen Ingrand, Sébastien Moumon, Rémy Wasselin, Fabrice Laurent, and Zanov.

“Flying from Berlin to Paris” is a 6-track musical journey merging French craftsmen and musicians who created clones and original synthesizers. Musically it spaces out nicely, transporting the rich, warm vintage sound of synth tapestries, sound effects, and captivating (TD-style) sequencer patterns into the here and now with a thoughtful, original take on it all. The title track comes in two parts and at first reveals a further abstract, adventurous approach with some captivating, haunting realms fading in and out of the scene. Hints of ’80s TD soundtracks are noticeable here too while classic Jarre-airs kick in on the much briefer “Part two” of the title piece.

“Flying from Berlin to Paris” has been mixed and mastered especially for vinyl. The digital download (included with the vinyl) deviates slightly from the vinyl regarding mastering, mix, and track duration.

Website: kurtzmindfields.bandcamp.com

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