Kurtz Mindfields – Gate to a new Dimension

Kurtz Mindfields - Gate to a new Dimension

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Kurtz Mindfields – Gate to a new Dimension (Trans Aural 3D Xperience)
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Electrik Dream, 2018/2019

Work for the music of “Gate to a new Dimension” started in 2012 with the desire to record a vast range of legendary synthesizers. For this purpose Jean-Luc Briançon (aka Kurtz Mindfields) visited and played the vintage synth collections of Oliver Grall among those of others during the past years. This time around and contrary to previous albums, the biggest part of “Gate to a new Dimension” was recorded at Jean-Luc’s private Studio Nuage 7. The latter allowed recording in an acoustic environment using 3D sound technology with vintage instruments Mr Briançon all knows by heart.

The new project though really started to take shape at French SynthFest with the IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique) and their research into sound software, processing a 3-dimensional sound image from just two speakers. The result captivated the composer so much he decided to apply it to the full outcome: 9 tracks exploring what the different trans-aural software possibilities can actually do. Executing things that way also proved a big challenge as Jean-Luc had to figure out a proper balance between the quality of a composition, the quality of a sound treatment, transporting it a 3D space or positioning into a virtual speaker.

Musically, Jean-Luc embarked on the idea to link Berlin School music with more Jazz flavours as the audience at Synthfest expressed to him it would make a nice artistic way to follow through. The original sounding outcome is unusual, psychedelic-infused and sometimes a bit freaky (especially the solo voices) to my ears but becomes nicer when the music takes the backseat as it strays into more balanced atmospheric realms like “Crystal Cathedral” or vents the true air of (slightly Jarre-esque) analogue electronics on “Equivox Seven”, “Heliosfear” or “Still on the Run”.

The dvd contains a 30-minute performance of music from the previous “Analogic Touch” release performed by Jean-Luc Briançon live at SynthFest 2018.

Website: http://electrikdream.bandcamp.com

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