Kurtz Mindfields & Hypnago – Soundtrack with Atmosphere

Kurtz Mindfields & Hypnago – Soundtrack with Atmosphere

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Kurtz Mindfields & Hypnago – Soundtrack with Atmosphere
EP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Wigwam Records, 2019

“Soundtrack with Atmosphere” is a recording featuring two different French artists presenting their own electronic universe on each side.

First is Jean-Luc Briançon’s project Kurtz Mindfields who fires off his analogue gear on the 18-minute “Above the wandering moon”. It’s a nicely accomplished cosmic travelogue rooted in the classic vintage electronics of Tangerine Dream throwing in a few progressive, slightly psychedelic bits and pieces along the way as well as a fluidly executed solo in the first half. Things slow down on the even stronger second part with a nice interplay of warm synth sounds.

The other take is the 15-minute “Stratospheric Disturbance” by Hypnago, aka Jean-Nicolas Casalis (one of the label-owners). His music, recorded and played in one go, starts out cinematic, then transforms swiftly into minimalist, electronic-acoustic electronics with resonating Nils Frahm-like piano keys and long delays until the 10-minute mark. From there a deep textures move in accompanied by picked string and alienating effects.

All in all I’d say Kurtz Mindfields contribution deserves the 3.5 stars, Hypnago just 3 stars.


Website: http://wigwam-records.bandcamp.com



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