Kurtz Mindfields – Journey Through the Analog Adventure

Kurtz Mindfields - Journey Through the Analog Adventure

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Kurtz Mindfields – Journey Through the Analog Adventure
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Nuage 7 Production, 2015

Kurtz Mindfields is a vintage synth project by Lyon-based synthesist Jean-Luc Briançon who started out as a jazz player initially. Nowadays he works for three records companies (Cristal Records, Warner, Feverdog Music) and owns a very large and versatile range of analogue hardware synths. All instruments are played with much enthusiasm, determination and tweaked meticulously.

The double album “Journey through the Analog Adventure” (divided in four virtual sides) compiles tracks composed between 2011 and 2015 at various studios for which various guests and friends were invited to contribute.
Well, the recording features an inventive, spacious and fat sounding collection of 27 tracks, on the first disc (2015-1985) ranging from spaced-out/psychedelic stuff (“Enter to Rama”, “Caladran Return”,) to classic Berlin School tracks (“Waltz of the Sandworms”, “Heaven’s Gate”, “Green Ring around a Star”) along some classic, but twisted Jarre.

“Mellorganic Earth pt 2” offers a nice Pink Floyd-“Wish you were here”-sound. The second disc (1984-1970) feels even stronger and more cohesive but also a tad mellower, kicking off with the solid sequenced “Love on a real spaceship”. Hints of classic Jarre surface on “Time Dilation” and “Megasfear” while the sound of Berlin School with a twist is all over the place elsewhere, most notably on the three-part “The Dark Canticles of Hyperion” and “Death of the Centaur”. “Tethys River” deserves special mention for its quiet, sensitive and mellow, slightly “Mirage”-like sound. Contrary to that, psychedelic flavors are featured heavily on the 12-minute closer “The Void that binds”.

The sound of this recording simply sums up just about every EM style. “Journey through the Analog Adventure” offers enough sonic food for thought to keep an eye on this musician, most certainly if you’re fond of the sound of analogues connected with the techniques of today.

Website: www.facebook.com/KurtzMindfields

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