Kurtz Mindfields – Synthr3 The Burning School Tape

Kurtz Mindfields - Synthr3 The Burning School Tape

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Kurtz Mindfields – Synthr3 The Burning School Tape
CD-r, FeverDog Music, 2020

Synthesist Jean-Luc Briançon was so fortunate to be chosen as an artist to test and musically develop Rémy Wasselin’s self-built semi-modular Synthr3, an instrument for both studio and live-on-stage performance. The latter is based on a modular patchable modulation matrix that can be stored in personal banks, a true analogue chameleon graced with modern software. As such it features a polyphonic sequencer, double mono or paraphonic synth, synchronizable and stereo, able to take colors of any of the famous interchangeable filters such as Oberheim, ARP, and Moog.

Musically, the 6-track/55-minute “Synthr3” suits as an homage to the classic ‘70’s output of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze. Titles such as “Rubicochet” (3 parts) and “Phedre 74” give a hint of what to expect, but Jean-Luc gives this source of inspiration his own spin and twists. There’s a steady focus is on the dreamy cosmic Berlin School style resulting in harmonic, warm, melodic, sequencer-driven compositions. Only a few freaky bits are thrown in as solos at the very end of the album on “Rubicochet part 3”. Next to the already mentioned titles, this works out well on “The Ennio Betreyal” and “Echoes of Spacetime”. Fans of atmospheric vintage electronics should get their copy for sure. Overall rating: between 3.5 and 4 stars.

Website: kurtzmindfields.bandcamp.com

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