Kurtz Mindfields & Taj Mahal – Analogic Touch

Kurtz Mindfields & Taj Mahal - Analogic Touch

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Kurtz Mindfields & Taj Mahal – Analogic Touch
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Electrik Dream, 2017

Subtitled “From Berlin School to Ambient Electronica”, this release by Kurtz Mindfields (aka Jean-Luc Briançon) and TajMahal (aka Stephane Gallay) looks like a fun project for which various friends (such as Robert Rich, Jean-Michel Zanetti and Oliver Grall) were invited as well.

Most of all it’s a celebration of the impressive sound and endless possibilities of a large range of analogue hardware synths and contemporary soft-synths. Jean-Luc prepared a lot of the recording sessions in Olivier Grall’s analogue synthesizer museum while Stephane took care of all software applications such UVI, Spectrasonic Omnisphere, Native Instruments etc.

Opener is the epic “Laniakea Symphonia” which sees Jean-Luc and Stephane take you on a 30-minute cosmic odyssey with a psychedelic edge, firing off vintage sequencing, assorted synths and sound fx’s, thus mixing exciting Berliner School elements. From an ambient point of view, things turn even more interesting on “Deep Field Emotion pt 1”, a principal ambient track, as Robert Rich joins the former musicians producing lovely melancholic textures to the psychedelic sound design. “Silken Voyage” features stark electronics by Jean-Luc and Olivier Grall mixed with a rather annoying yet screamy guitar licks by Jean-Michel Zanetti. Quirky and adventurous cosmic realm is entered once more on “Deep Field Emotion pt 2” before the oriental-flavored “After Earth Song” (getting groovy in the final three minutes) rounds out the release.

All in all I’d say the excellent sounding “Analogic Touch” offers a peculiar and rather strange assortment of electronic music ranging from ambient to progressive and chill-out endeavors.

Website: electrikdream.bandcamp.com

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