Kurtz Mindfields – The Dreaming Void

Kurtz Mindfields - The Dreaming Void

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Kurtz Mindfields – The Dreaming Void
LP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Nuage 7 Production, 2016

The 41-minute “The Dreaming Void” by Kurtz Mindfields (aka French synthesist Jean-Luc Briançon) is meant as homage to early Berlin School EM. The outcome sees him play music on a vast and impressive range of vintage gear such as the first ARP 2500, various Moog Modular systems, Oberheim FVS1, various PPG synths and even the last Moog Sub37.

The album, that also features Olivier Grall on various synths, fires off with “Nostalgic Elirg” (for Edgar Froese), where lovely retro sequences are paired with warm, melodic synth pads and a few solo voices while steering things in a progressive direction. A sonic spiral of psychedelic electronics is displayed on the two-part title piece along a few abstract and crispy hooks while it’s easy to envision the composer tweaking various knobs and digging the unique sounds of his synths confidently. In that respect, the release of energy and vintage blast created on the 9-minute “Earth Albedo 0.37” ranks even higher, which also applies to the second part of the title track.“Ode to a shiny star” is a lovely, joyous outro featuring a lighter tone. I wished this piece and its imminent sphere lasted longer. Aficionados of early Berlin School should simply get their hands on a copy of the vinyl or the download edition of “The Dreaming Void”.

The works of Kurtz Mindfields are sold through PWM distribution and his Facebook page.

Website: www.facebook.com/KurtzMindfields

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