Kyoto – Squares & Triangles

Kyoto - Squares & Triangles

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Kyoto – Squares & Triangles
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Microcosmos Records, 2020

Once in a while I enjoy listening to some ambient-chill music, a genre where this one fits in for sure. Kyoto is the moniker of Russian musician, dj and producer Vitalii Zenkov who’s been active for some 15 years in various electronica genres.

“Squares & Triangles” features over 80 minutes of cool, laid-back, and spacious soundscape environs blended occasionally with subdued sequences and down-tempo patterns. The latter are the most prominent on the title track rounding out the release.

While going through “Squares & Triangles” I noticed some passages drag on a bit too long in the same vein while others sound a tad lightweight to my ears. In the end I feel this gentle, unhurried and vibrant aural collage incorporating some animals and nature noises works best on the background while you’re busy doing other things. Strongest cue: “My Dimension”.





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