Lambert – Drachenreise

Lambert - Drachenreise

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Lambert – Drachenreise
CD, Spheric Music, 2015

When you’re a fan of general-melodic, highly accessible synth music, Lambert’s newbie “Drachenreise” (his first new album after almost 20 years) will most surely be of your liking.
The composer considers his music an outlet to express his personal life and feelings, an inner flight within two worlds: the one on the outside, the other one the inside (with a sense of longing behind the last one).

“Drachenreise” is testament of an the uncomplicated electronic music album, where harmony, Berlin School-inspired sequences, rhythms and gentle melodic lines are lining up next to each other, with Austrian sound magician Gandalf delivering some emotive e-guitar soloing on the opening piece “Corona”. The other 11 tracks on the 64-minute release make up instrumental, sometimes even synth-pop, songs that fly by easily with Lamberts (at times rather euphoric) synth solos hovering above them.

I personally feel it sounds a bit too standard and easy-going with no surprises or deepening layer, with the not song-structured, moody “Past” as exception. I’m confident though lots of aficionados into the German EM-sound and profound melodic TD won’t mind this at all.



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