Laocoön – Immersion

Laocoön - Immersion


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Laocoön – Immersion
CD, Parnassus Nump, 1998

Laocoön is an ambient project of San Francisco-based musician John Broaddus, who released his debut album “Immersion” on his own private label.

The music of “Immersion”, a concept album dedicated to water (“immersed in a sonorous reverberation of introspection and exploration”), is a real treat of any fan of deep and dark flavoured ambient realms reminiscent of Steve Roach, Brian Eno or A Produce, although it takes its own course on many occasions.

The organic, transparent and ethereal non-rhythmic soundscapes found here are of a meandering, slightly minimal nature, as its vast, (indeed) immersive atmospheres move on.

Those who love the releases of the Hypnos label, Robert Rich or Vidna Obmana should certainly check out this strong ambient album.
Nice going, Mr Broaddus!



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