Lars Leonhard – Burning Clouds

Lars Leonhard - Burning Clouds

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Lars Leonhard – Burning Clouds
DIGITAL EP, Ultimae Records, 2014

“Burning Clouds” by Lars Leonard is the second chapter in Ultimae’s series of digital only- EP’s. The three-track outcome by this German composer reveals a different side compared to what’s found on the track he delivered to the Ultimae-compilation “Oxycanta III”.

“Burning Clouds” is what I would describe as darker-shaded pulse-ambient soundscaping with slight groovy patterns and minimal structure. It feels rather light-weight on the title track opening the album, but on the moody “Halos” smooth bass pulses and glitch effects give the outcome more body and shape.

All these elements are executed the best on the final track “Northern Lights”, where also the most down-tempo characteristics shine through despite the whole track keeping a tranquil, textural profile.
This EP has to grow on you, so make sure you give it quite some spins.



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