Laudanum – Laudanum

Laudanum - Laudanum

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Laudanum – Laudanum
CD-EP, ArcHana, 2001

“Laudanum” is a cd-ep by the German duo Amir Baghiri and Rüdiger Gleisberg, aka Laudanum, which was released on ArcHana, a sublabel of Stefano Gentile’s Amplexus-label.

Rüdiger already had the idea for this album for quite a while, as he wanted to melt Medieval mystics with electronic music, which finally brought him to “Paracelsus” and “Laudanum”.

To realize the project, he contacted his musical companion Amir Baghiri, with whom he previously had recorded the album “Arcanum”. Due to various circumstances, the outcome of the “Laudanum”-sessions were shelved for several years, but were finally made public through this release.
I can only say I’m very grateful this has happened, as the music on it is an absolute gem for ambient music fans.

“Laudanum” contains three “Parts”, the first one taking off nicely with cathedral like atmospheres, including the sound of chanting monks and bells. This almost immediately made me think of “El Greco” by Vangelis. Later on, some Eno/Budd kindred sustained piano is added as well.

“Part 2” is the shortest piece, only lasting four minutes, offering beautiful clouded, deepening textures.
The closing “Part 3” introduces Amir’s spiritcatcher on an introspective sounding bed of dense soundscapes, which sounds familiar to the works of Steve Roach and Harold Budd.

All in all, this is 21:48 minutes of excellent mystic ambient music of which I only had wished is had been a full album.
Nicely done, guys!



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