Lauge – Dawn

Lauge - Dawn

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Lauge – Dawn
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Iboga Records, 2019

This is my third encounter with Henrik Laugesen’s down-tempo electronics, who decided to expand the sound of “Dawn” (that also features two collaborations with fellow Dane producer Feeding Spring, aka Morten A. Nielsen) with a hefty dose of smooth-pounding trance vibes.

Slow, steady beats and deep bass lines merged with tasty melodic lushness make up the eight tracks of the 74-minute “Dawn”, sonically swimming in the same pool as Carbon Based Lifeforms, Solar Fields and kindred talents known from Ultimae’s haydays and their Fahrenheit-series. The best takes (“Undercurrent”, “Northbound” and “Wider Horizons”) are already found in the first half of the album.

Keep this recording in mind if you’re in the mood to dig some melodic goa trance and upbeat psy-electronica.


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