Lauge – Pusterum

Lauge - Pusterum

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Lauge – Pusterum
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Sibri29 Records, 2015

Now here’s another strong candidate of highly sophisticated, refined and beat-less ambient soundscape music. Its composer is Danish artist Henrik Laugesen whose 72-minute “Pusterum” (mastered by the capable Huby Sea) is meant as an aid to induce a full and restful night’s sleep. I for one consider it an effective vehicle to slow down and detach from the complexity and hectic of demanding modern life.

The contemplative, gradually evolving, soft blooming and emotive-harmonic spheres of flowing textural drones and bits of piano contained on the 10 tracks create an overall sense of calm without this inner sanctum becoming any kind of mainstream New Age.

All in all, “Pusterum” is recommended to ambient aficionados looking for pure sonic bliss and the immersive/hypnotizing (side) effects coming with it.


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