Lauge – Sceneries

Lauge - Sceneries

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Lauge – Sceneries

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Valley View Records, 2022

I just realized quite a lot of quiet ambient music has passed on my plate over the last couple of months. In there also fits the lengthy “Sceneries” by Danish musician Hendrik Lagesen.

The recording sets off with a nine-track cinematic soundscape journey that takes the slow lane with minimal, ethereal, and introspective aural landscapes that spirals into pure ambient bliss. As such it makes a nice vehicle to cool down the busy mind. The sonic balm works its magic both as background music and focused headphone listening, making up a gentle, overtly lush stream of textures and spheres traveling into lush, imaginative environs beyond.

To the original tracks, nine remixes have been added by global ambient producers taking their own take on them.


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