Lauri Lest – Duality

Lauri Lest - Duality

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Lauri Lest – Duality
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2020

“Duality” -an ode to introspection in the age of machines, devices and constant strive for progress and success- is the hypnotic-ish, rather spacey and often beat-less debut recording by Estonian electronic musician Lauri Lest.  In the process of creating the 6-track, pure-synth music the composer’s aim was to focus on live playing and real-time sound manipulation, giving the result humane dynamics and liveliness.

There indeed is a subtle energy current flowing underneath the 35-minutes of music but also a dash of occasional experimentalist hooks and bits. The latter surfaces especially on “Gravity” and the title track. Moreover, Mr Lest delivered a collection of minimalist melodies and atmospheric soundscapes combined into states of melancholy and longing for the depths of the inner worlds.

Unfortunately I can’t say this stuff is up my alley, and some repeated, attentive listens didn’t change that. You’d best check it out if a blend of nostalgic tones fused with futuristic -sometimes dystopian, sometimes hopeful- soundings ticks boxes for you.




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