Lav & Purl – A State of Becoming

Lav & Purl - A State of Becoming


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Lav & Purl – A State of Becoming
LP/CD, A Strangely Isolated Place, 2017

Aficionados of tranquil, spacious and smooth glistening ambiences dressed with environmental/nature recordings, piano and carefully measured beats will be fond of “A State of Becoming”, a collaborative project by Lav (aka Christopher Landin) and Purl (aka Ludvig Cimbrelius).

The 57-minute outcome slowly unfolds its magic in several phases, unrestricted, free flowing and patiently awakening. In this case a large array of high-quality field recordings, all captured in macro, are the foundation from which each track grows and extends. From there, the composer’s keen and subtle aural treatments turn a simple but mesmerizing organic landscape into a soft glowing and ethereal scene of movement and life.

As such it delivers intriguing, intrinsic and lush beauty, a state of balance and ease on the six-track release (though a slice of dub/downtempo kicks in on the second piece “Beyond Suffering”). The level of tranquility starts descending into even deeper environs from the lush rhythmic and dreamy title piece on and lasts on “Recollection” and “All is Breath” which round out this impeccable sounding and most rewarding release.

“A State of Becoming” is a recommended lesson in ambient awareness and a great opportunity to break away from busy worldly affairs. Be mesmerized!



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