Lightwave – Nachtmusik

Lightwave - Nachtmusik

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Lightwave – Nachtmusik
CD, Erdenklang, 1990

It’s time for something special. After some privately released cassettes, French duo Christoph Harbonnier and Christian Wittmann (aka Lightwave) made their official debut in the electronic music scene with “Nachtmusik”. The latter is a classic, still intriguing album featuring two expansive pieces comprising surreal and hallucinogenic soundscapes of 23 and 32 minutes each, best experienced with headphones.

While descending into each of the two aural caverns, listeners await an adventurous and daring ambient journey with a healthy dose of experiment, sampling techniques and gloominess without getting too frightening. This is deep, abstract and drifting stuff accessing quite some foreboding, fantastic and uneasy territory as it unfolds in waves gradually in an unpredictable manner. Haunted and spooky textural spheres shake hands here in a somewhat kindred style as TD executed on parts of “Phaedra” back in the early ’70’s: dronefields with multiple gothic, eerie and weird sidesteps that surface to the light only during brief interludes and at the end.

“Nachtmusik” is compelling ambient for all who appreciate Lightwave’s “Cités Analogues” (although that one is easier to digest) and connoisseurs who love deep listening while riding the edge and travel into the deeper end.


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