Lightwave – Tycho Brahe

Lightwave - Tycho Brahe

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Lightwave – Tycho Brahe
CD, Hearts of Space/Fathom , 1994

This concept album, named after Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe, is made by the French collective Lightwave (aka synthesists Christoph Harbonnier and Christian Wittman). It can best be classified as atonal and unpredictable cosmic music with a firm twist along a good dash of experiment.

This already comes forward on the 17-minute abstract opener “Uraniborg”, where drones and violin licks create a cinematic picture with a lot of intrinsic tension. This is repeated on the third piece “Cathedral”. It makes 58 minutes of quite demanding, deep music without any rhythm, asking a good dose of creativity and imagination from the listener while he or she delves through the multiple, strange, dark caverns and psychedelic spaces on this audiophile recording.

I’d suggest you give this peculiar mix of synthetic and heavily electronically-modified acoustic sound creations a listen when you’re into early ’70s otherworldly works of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze.


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