Liquid Mind – Mindfulness

Liquid Mind - Mindfulness

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Liquid Mind – XIII: Mindfulness

Well, here’s an electronic recording heading up the New Age avenue. Liquid Mind, aka US-composer Chuck Wild, started in January of 1988 during a time of personal crisis to help heal from anxiety and panic disorder. Since then, music has been an important part of Mr Wild’s own healing. As such, it may also be a tool to help and assist others to overcome severe issues like these. The titles of the string of Liquid Mind albums that appeared since then are an outline of the composer’s own path to healing.

Those fond of overall soothing, very slow and gentle unfolding soundscapes will surely like to tap into Chuck Wild’s “Mindfulness”, his 16th album to date. Due to its sonic nature it won’t come as a surprise Liquid Mind’s carefully moulded sonic tapestries are best listened to in the background, rather than active listening.

“Mindfulness”, featuring six longer pieces making up over an hour of music, prologues and sees a natural continuation of the velvet relaxation music found on previous albums. Moreover, its sedative therapeutic music is meant to be of service to those on a journey to inner peace, solace and calm through self-searching, deep relaxation, meditation, mindfulness and other health giving practices.

Altogether, Chuck’s sonic balm -designed, arranged, mixed and mastered to be listened to very quietly- offers a gateway to contemplation, balance, deep peace of mind and satisfaction.



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