Liquid Mind – Relaxing Rain & Ocean Mixes

Liquid Mind - Relaxing Rain & Ocean Mixes

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Liquid Mind – Relaxing Rain & Ocean Mixes
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Real Music , 2014

Those of you out there familiar with the previous releases of Chuck Wild, aka Liquid Mind, know his output fits into the new age and ultimate relaxation modus.

No new music on this release though, but six tracks (taken from the albums “Meditation”, “Spirit” and “Sleep”) are now set against and mixed with a very serene, immersive and high-quality backdrop of rain and ocean sounds. “Relaxing Rain & Ocean Mixes” simply honors the cleansing, healing, and comforting sounds of rain and ocean.

Its calming effect is evident as the profound velvet and highly polished textures rise smoothly (sometimes even to symphonic effect) and carry on as continuous, gently evolving streams and currents.

So if you got a restless or busy mind, treat yourself with this soothing sonic liquor.


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