Liquid Mind – VII: Reflection

Liquid Mind - VII: Reflection

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Liquid Mind – VII: Reflection
CD, Real Music, 2004

Chuck Wild aka Liquid Mind found a new home at Real Music, which now releases and distributes his whole catalogue from now on.
The Liquid Mind concept is all about offering relaxation music for the accelerating world we live in, to make us slow down to a more natural pace of life.

His seventh album “Reflection” continues where his former albums left us. It’s an oasis of non-rhythmic, softly flowing, gentle and embracing textures which is able to shut off a busy mind in its own careful way.

In a few tracks some background vocals have been very delicately applied into the music, and sometimes there’s a faint glimpse of a twinkling sequence. Harmony and peace lie at the very centre of all this as the six layered symphonic soundscapes float around, opening a way to search for the stillness in our own being.

Of course this is absolute new age music, but very well composed and produced.


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