Liquid Mind – X: Meditation

Liquid Mind - X: Meditation

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Liquid Mind – X: Meditation

“Meditation” is the twelfth album release by Chuck Wild, aka Liquid Mind, and another fine addition to Liquid Mind’s ongoing series of ultimate stress-relief and relaxation music.

This is overall smooth and profound velvet soundscape music containing a deep sense of grace. A full-size neo-classical orchestra and worldless choir is at play here, all created by electronics, to which some vocals and concert flute were sophistically added.

The 60-minute outcome, offering six gently unfolding and flowing tracks with occasional quiet sequenced patterns, will blow away every sense of rush in minutes while it lets silence speak with a clear voice. A profound sense of beauty, solace and release is what’s found here, pure and simple.

If you’re looking for free form and warm soundscape music in the slow lane, the healing and emotive “Meditation” will offer contemplation, balance, deep peace of mind and satisfaction for sure. The pristine mastering puts the icing on the cake.


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