Liveform – Take One, Volume 2

Liveform - Take One, Volume 2

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Liveform – Take One, Volume 2
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2013

Here’s the second chapter of archival recordings, nicely complementing the previously released volume 1. From the first track on it is clear the band’s melodic/sequenced music (still 100% improvisation with no overdubs) has further evolved, while the WaveStation synth is still found at the centre of the trio’s music. Even the drums (although still not always consistent) sound is better with some electronic ones added as well.

On some of the tracks (such as the opening track “Piece of Cake”) one can hear some similarities with the early music of Ron Boots and Eric van der Heijden when they played live with Bas Broekhuis on drums in small venues in Eindhoven back in the ‘90’s. The fun of making music together and triggering each other in the process of creating in the moment is what happens on each of the six tracks, ranging from rather melodic and slightly joyous (“Celestial Rain” and the already mentioned “Piece of Cake”) to more descriptive-oriented outings such as “Crossing Canyons” and the very moody “Mystic Moorland”. The full potential of Liveform’s descriptive style is heard on the 20-minute “Legendary Lizards”, which rounds out the album nicely.

Although all these are still rather rough and a bit undefined compositions, the sonic potential of what later would become Remotion is evident.


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