Living Dreamtime – Exploring the Water Element

Living Dreamtime - Exploring the Water Element


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Living Dreamtime – Exploring the Water Element
CD, Origo Sound, 2002

“Exploring the Water Element” is an album by Living Dreamtime,a.k.a. the very talented Oslo-based musician Tor Linlokken.

The album completely focuses on the world of water, its environment and its species. The album comes in a great looking fold-out digipack with full-colour booklet, presenting the ambience you’re going to enter.

From the first track on you glide into a magical place of absolute contemplation and peacefulness without things getting too new-agy. Soft electronic textures are accompanied by the sounds of diving-equipment, air bubbles and water ambience.

A deep sense of introspection comes over you as you drift through the spheres of wonder that slowly come your way. There’s a steady heartbeat used as a background in “Heart Center”, and noises of dolphins in the next two tracks. “Reflections of Crystal Water” features light, soft drone textures which linger on, with delicate synthwashes surrounding them.

This is a great disc to relax, meditate or even dream. It also works fantastic when using headphones, also due to its impressive sound design and overwhelming sound quality and production.

The drifting atmosphere (it would be a wonderful companion to an underwater-documentary on BBC or Discovery-channel) of over 70 minutes definitely deserves a very high recommendation !



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