Llyn Y Cwn – III: Ka

Llyn Y Cwn - III: Ka


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Llyn Y Cwn – III: Ka
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD EP, Manky Music, 2015

Since I ran into the environmental ambient by Welsh composer Ben Powell (aka Llyn Y Cwn), I’ve become quite fascinated by the in-depth outcome he delivers each time. The aim of the Llyn Y Cwn-project is to try and emulate the type of environment encountered at the Welsh lake of the same name, harsh and desolate but at the same time beautiful.

The slow morphing, highly immersive outcome of “KA” is no exception in that respect, still relying heavily on reverb and treated field recordings and most suitable for headphone listening.

The four cinematic-flavoured drone parts offer broadening, non-melodic and overtly dense soundscaping tapping into the deeper end of things without tapestries growing too abstract. I’m especially touched by “XXIV” and “XXVII”, both taking off a tad lighter. On these pieces, a more uplifting drift sets in beautifully to elevating, hypnotizing effect as the grand-scale sonic landscapes delicately shape-shift and morph onward gently.
Once again, nice going, Mr Powell!

Website: llynycwn.bandcamp.com

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