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Llyn Y Cwn - Llyn Y Cwn

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Llyn Y Cwn – Llyn Y Cwn
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD EP, Manky Music, 2009

Llyn Y Cwn is a dark ambient project of Ben Powell, also known as Mank.
Those familiar with the deep and dense ambient soundscaping heard on the last track of Mank’s album “Isbjorn” will absolutely love the output of Llyn Y Cwn’s two Ep’s.

Part 1 of the project came out in March 2009 while Part II and saw the light of day in November 2009. As Ben explains, both recordings try to emulate the harsh and desolate, but at the same time beautiful type of environment encountered at Llyn Y Cwn, a small lake in the Glyder mountain range of Snowdonia, North Wales.

Well, the mature sonic movements explored are slow, glacial-like moving textural landscapes evaporating a strong sense of majesty and remoteness as they gradually evolve in ebb and flow motion.

Some may find this scorching, organic drone palette with additional field recordings a bit too menacing and dark though. But hey, mind this project is all about immersive, cinematic sound design and the visualisation of cold and massive spaces with its own distinct grandeur.

This said, the “Llyn Y Cwn” concept offers ambient landscape music of the finest to make your mind settle down and step out of time.
Both Ep’s are available as free download in Mp3 or Flac format from Ben’s website.

Website: llynycwn.bandcamp.com

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